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For over fifty years the Manchester Scholarship Foundation has awarded scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Manchester using the same criteria established by the first Board of Directors in 1965-66: academic achievement, financial need, community service, school activities, work experience, and/or special talents .


The Manchester community continues to support the efforts of the Manchester Scholarship Foundation and the youth of the community with donations and bequests ranging from modest to large, but all given in the spirit and desire to make a difference in the educational opportunities for our young people. As a board, we appreciate the generosity of all individuals, organizations and businesses joining us in support of all recipients.

During the last few years the board has made a very real effort to address the educational needs of a wider and wider educational demographic while still maintaining the high standards of excellence created by the very first Board of Directors fifty years ago.

In 2003 The Arthur Goodman Strong Memorial Scholarship was established, awarding scholarships only to recipients having a physical or mental impairment.    Starting in 2004, awards funded by this scholarship have been given to students in public and private universities, colleges, and community colleges.  One of the recipients graduated from Duke University and another from UCONN .   Students dealing with serious personal challenges appreciate this particular financial support.

The Adult Learners Scholarship was initiated in 2004 by board members who identified the unique needs of adults returning to school and also the changing average age of students attending universities and colleges.  Since 2018, the Adult Learner Scholarship has been funded as a part of the Damato financial bequest to the Foundation.  Our recipients  have included the newly unemployed or underemployed, those in low wage jobs, immigrants, single parents, as well as those whose education was interrupted or delayed.  They share a determination to improve their lives and those of their families through education.  Among our recipients are those who were able to complete associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

The generous bequest of the late Alexander and Alice C. Jarvis in 2006 brought to fruition the long held desire of various board members to offer multiple year scholarships.   Upon receipt of this gift, the board voted to award three-year scholarships to five students in the class of 2006 and five students in the class of 2007: now this is an ongoing scholarship.  For each class, four awards are given to students attending four year colleges and one award is given to a student attending  a two year school  with established plans to transfer  to a four year college.  These students , after first receiving other MSF scholarships as graduating high school seniors, will receive up to $7,000 per year for each of their next three years.  This is all taken from the Alexander and Alice C. Jarvis Memorial fund.

Our volunteer board is privileged to be a part of a multi-generational legacy of balancing the fiduciary charge of growing and preserving a strong endowment with serving students as well as we are able.  In their contributions of time and monetary donations, people of our community have been the vital key to our success.  There are gifts for everyone: for the scholarship recipients, the gift of education, and for the donors, the gift of remembrance.

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