Frequently Asked Questions

Who sees my application data and is it confidential?

The Manchester Scholarship Foundation uses the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) form.  FASFA data is sent to a third-party (an accountant) and is NEVER reviewed by the Manchester Scholarship Foundation board.  Information is destroyed by the third party within a year after awards are made.

 There is an exception with the Adult Learner Scholarships which do not require FAFSA.  Therefore, to demonstrate financial need, applicants submit a W-2 form with their application for the Adult Learner Committee to review. The W-2 form is destroyed immediately after the committee makes the Adult Learner selections.


We did not receive any funds or aid from our child’s college.  Are we still eligible to receive a scholarship from Manchester Scholarship Foundation?

In addition to scholarships for students with financial need, a total amount of $5,000 of the Manchester Scholarship Foundation funds is available to be distributed among ten students who are in the top 10 % of their class and do not have financial need.


What is the average amount awarded to a student? 

The Manchester Scholarship disburses an average of  $400,000 in scholarships each year.  Students may be eligible for one or more scholarships.

The Traditional Scholarship for high school seniors awards an average of $2,700.  The amount may vary depending on the number of applicants. 

Recipients of the Jarvis Scholarship receive $7,000 a year for three years, as long as they maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.

Recipients of the Arthur Goodman Strong Scholarship receive an average of $2,700. 

Recipients of the Adult Learner Scholarship receive $1,000 a semester if they take two or more classes; $600 a semester if they take only one class.  There is no GPA requirement, but students must pass their classes.  The Adult Learner funds are awarded until the student completes their course of study.