Scholarship for High School Seniors

Non-renewable award given to graduating high school seniors - Manchester residents

•    6 month residency in Manchester prior to application deadline
•    Graduate of any secondary school in January or June of 2019
•    Accepted into a college, university, community college or other post-secondary school as a full time student for the fall of 2019
•    GPA of 2.5 and have financial need
•   For students without financial aid, a portion of MSF funds is available to students who have a GPA of 3.75 or better.

•    Demonstrated financial need (see bullet 5 above)
•    Scholastic achievement and essay
•    School/community service and work experience
•    Parts A and B of application

The Manchester Scholarship Foundation bases it's awards partly on the cost of the college or university you indicate you will be attending.  In the event you subsequently elect to attend a different school, your award may be decreased.  In no event will Manchester Scholarship Foundation pay more than the cost of tuition that you are charged by your college or university.

•    DEADLINE:  Friday, March 15, 2019

•    Part A -

•    There are links below for the application part B.  The application is available in either Microsoft Word or PDF.


Application Instructions

The application has parts A and B. All applicants are responsible for the submission of parts A and B by the deadline. The Manchester Scholarship Foundation reserves the right not to process applications found to be late or incomplete as of the application postmark deadline.

Please note that you must complete Part A online and mail Part B to the Financial Aid Consultant.

Be sure to include your email address on the application.  All future correspondance will be done using email.

Part A asks you to summarize your activities and gives permission for your high school to release your records to the Manchester Scholarship Foundation.

Part A - 

PART B -   (Microsoft Word)

PART B -   (PDF)

Part B must be postmarked by Friday, March 15, 2019.

Part B asks you to provide family financial information that a professional college financial aid consultant will analyze. Specific financial information such as income is not provided to the Scholarship Selection Committee; only the outcome of the evaluation that indicates the level of financial need is forwarded to the Scholarship Selection Committee.

Part B must be accompanied by copies of ALL pages of your and your parents' signed 2017 IRS federal income tax returns, W-2 Statements, and a completed copy of the 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). A copy of your Federal Student Aid Report that confirms that you completed the FAFSA may be submitted in lieu of a copy of the FAFSA. If your parents are separated, both parents must submit Part B and individual 2017 IRS federal income tax returns.

Part B information is required to help determine financial need and to protect our tax-exempt status.